Ripsikuidut - VOLUME EXPRESS 3D - J-kaari - 0,10mm - 11mm

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Valmisviuhkat 3D, J-kaari, paksuus 0,10mm, pituus 11mm. 15 viuhkaa rivissä. Laatikossa on 6 riviä.

12,70 €

BEAUTIER Volume Express 3D eyelashes are delicately made of nylon fibers, which allow you to make durable and attractive volume eyelashes quickly and effortlessly.

Advantages of a professional:

  • Eyelashes are flexible and retain their shape.
  • In one row, all eyelashes are of the same length and thickness, and have a uniform curvature.   
  • It is easy to take the eyelash fibers individually with tweezers, which speeds up and makes the work much easier.
  • There are more eyelash fibers in one box.

Customer benefits:

  • The eyelashes are light and natural looking.
  • The shiny surface makes the eyelash extensions more impressive.
  • High-quality materials have been used in the production.

Professional use only.

Beautier products have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates.

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