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Multi' Use Top Gel 15ml

Product no.: 0402

16.10 *
In stock

Multi Use Top Strawberry 15 ml

Product no.: 0406

16.15 *
In stock

Multi Use Top Aurora 15 ml

Product no.: 0407

16.15 *
In stock

Performance Top Gel 15ml

Product no.: 0410

16.15 *
In stock

UV Curing Top Coat 15 ml

Product no.: 0408

7.95 *
In stock

French White Paint Gel 5 ml

Product no.: 0604

9.80 *
In stock

Performance No Wipe Top Gel

Product no.: 0400

16.15 *
1 l = 1,076.67 €
In stock

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Top gels vary in consistency, application method, shine, hardness, flexibility, shade, colour and resistance to wear.

  • Top gel creates a shine, protects underlying gel layers and prevents potential discolorations of gel layers.

Finishing top gel by Mereneid Sari is the thickest consistency gel in our range.

  • It adds hardness to nails and enables the technician to restore the gel layer along the sides of the nails that has been filed off .
  • It is very suitable for using in Nail Art, because it creates an effect of visual depth, especially in aquarium design.

French White Paint Gel gel is perfect for producing the French manicure look: thanks to its bright white pigment, this gel makes it easy to draw a perfect white line over the natural tip of the nail.

  • Excellent colour gel because nail art does not get smudged and dark background does not show through.

For ease of use, less viscous top gels are available in small bottles with a brush.

  • The flexible Kwik-Soak top gel by Mereneid Sari, suitable for all types of nails, counters the formation of microscopic cracks, which sometimes appear in coloured gels during cold weather.
  • While you need to remove the sticky residue layer after applying any of the aforementioned gels, the Multi Use top gel by Mereneid Sari is the only gel that dries out completely. This top gel contains a UV filter, which protects gel layers from discolouration and makes gel colours appear brighter.