The File - PROMED 502

PROMED | GTIN: 4043641200473

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A compact multifunctional device suitable for processing natural and artificial nails. The package contains a 16-piece blade set.

155,00 €
Delivery in 2-4 business days

Other options

including 16-part professional fittings.

  • infinitely variable up to 20,000 revs/min.
  • ergonomic, low-vibration plastic hand-piece, just 75 g
  • station completely protected against dust
  • rapid collet-chuck with centrifugal clutch for standard retail drill-bits (shaft ø 2.332-2.350 mm)
  • safety stop, 5 LEDs to display the speed
  • ASC (automatic speed control)
  • all-in-one controller with clockwise/anticlockwise and speed control
  • first class made-in-Germany quality

Description of the drill-bits

  • Stone-grinder, standard: Suitable for filing down hardened parts of the nail-body and removing cuticle
  • Stone-grinder, cylinder: For smoothing the nail-body when grooved, for matting
  • Grinding mandrel, steel: Holder for the supplied medium sanding belts (150 graining)
  • Sapphire drill-bit, round: For cleaning the nail fold, for removing corns or similar calluses
  • Diamond drill-bit, small cone: For removing cuticle and working on difficult edges, for cleaning under the nail
  • Sapphire drill-bit, long: For the care and working of natural nails, with thickened nails and hard skin or other foot and nail problems
  • Diamond drill-bit, small cone: For removing cuticle and smoothing down transitions
  • Diamond drill-bit, cylinder: For thinning out thickened nails and working on the edges of hardened corns
  • Cleaning brush: For cleaning the nail-body
  • Sapphire grinding cone: For filing the hardened body of the nail and for shortening and filing the nail into shape
  • Polishing cone, felt: For polishing the nail-body (with natural nails, nail oil, with artificial nails, use artificial nail polish)
  • Sapphire grinding disc: Suitable for the shortening of natural nails
  • Sanding belts, medium, 4 pcs.:For removing gel and the matting of the nail-body before the gel modelling
  • Design hard box drill-bit holder, transparent

Delivery contents

  • 1x Promed file 502
  • 1x Profi-Bitset (16-part professional fittings)
  • 1x manual

Technical data

  • Speed: Infinitely variable up to 20,000 revs/min.
  • Direction: Clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Voltage supply: 100 - 240V~, 50 Hz / 60Hz,  800mA sec. 24V, 1.250 mA
  • Energy consumption at zero load: 0.27 W
  • Average operating efficiency: 83.59% Level IV
  • Hand-piece: especially light weight plastic hand-piece, weight 75 g
Product information
Model number: 200520
Product identifier: 4043641200473
Weight: 660 g