Starter Kit - PolyMaster - PRO-1

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The products you need to build acrylic gel nails. High-quality products bring you work pleasure when strengthening nails or making structural nails.

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The Acrylic gel starter kit includes: 

  • UVL 5.4 UV/LED oven PROMED efficient and high-quality UV/LED lamp for curing gels and gel polishes 
  • Ridge-Filler Base Gel 15 ml: a base gel that smoothes the nail plate and lasts about 4 weeks Performance Top Gel 15 ml: top gel. After curing, the stickiness is removed with Super Shiny Finish. 
  • Nail Prepare Solution – 150 ml: liquid for cleaning the nail plate from grease and dirt. 
  • Super Shiny Finish – 150 ml: to remove the sticky layer from the top gel. 
  • Nail file Zebra 180/180 grit - 1 pc: for shaping nails and grinding them to a suitable length. 
  • Lint free nail cleaning wipes - 100 pcs: for cleaning the nail plate, removing the sticky layer and gel polishes. 
  • Buffer, orange 180 grit - 1 pc: suitable for preparatory sanding of all types of structural nails before finishing the nails. 
  • Wooden stick – 5 pcs: for pushing the cuticles and cleaning the nail plate from the remains of the gel safely. 
  • Cuticle oil Rose, 15 ml: Nail oil for moisturizing and softening the cuticle and nail plate. 
  • Liquid PolyMaster for acrylic gel - 150ml: Special fluid for shaping acrylic gels. 
  • 2-ended Brush for Polygel, black: For shaping acrylic gels. 
  • Acrylic gel - PolyMaster PLUS Clear - 30ml - 1 pc 
  • Acrylic gel - PolyMaster PLUS Scarlet - 30ml - 1 pc

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