Soft Gel Tips no 1 - 240 pcs

MERENEID SARI | GTIN: 4743243046904

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The new nail extension technique makes gel nail application even faster and easier. The set contains 10 gel tips of different sizes.

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Mereneid soft nail tips for creating gel nail extensions.

The set contains 10-12 gel tips of different sizes for perfect matching with different-sized nail plates.

The soft gel tips are partially roughened to ensure better adhesion to the gel.

The new nail extension technique makes gel nail application even faster and easier. They are also suitable for self-application at home if one has the proper knowledge to use professional products.


  1. Prepare the natural nail plate: Remove excess cuticle from the nail plate, roughen the nail plate slightly, and remove dirt and oil with Nail Prepare Solution.
  2. Choose the right size gel tip according to the nail plate.
  3. The use of primer on the nail plate is optional.
  4. Apply a thin layer of base gel on to the nail plate and under the gel tip. For the gel tip, apply base gel only to the area that comes into contact with the nail plate.
  5. Carefully place the gel tip on the nail plate (approx. 2 mm from the cuticle) by pressing to distribute the gel evenly on the nail plate.
  6. Immediately fix the applied gel tip with a UV/LED lamp, curing it for 60 sec.
  7. Flatten the edges of the gel tip at the bottom nail fold with a file/drill bit.

The shape and length of the applied gel tips can be adjusted, preferably with a 150-180 grit file.Gel tips can be strengthened by applying a layer of builder gel or modelling it with gel polish.

Product information
Model number: 4690
Product identifier: 4743243046904
Weight: 85 g