Rapid disinfectant - Meliseptol - 1000ml

BRAUN | GTIN: 7612449043253

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Meliseptol quick is a surface disinfecting product with alcohol for a spray or a washing use that contains neither aldehyde nor alkylamine.

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Details of product

  • Desinfecting for surfaces ready to use
  • To be used as spray or for washing
  • Aldehyde free and alkylamine free
  • Fresh scent
  • Listed: DGHM-/ VAH and in IHO virucidal list
  • For all surfaces of medical equipment such as patient chairs, working surfaces and operating room equipment
  • Wide action field: bactericidal (including. MRSA), tuberculocidal and fungicidal (including mushrooms). Virucidal limited (including HBV, HIV, HCV)1) and virucidal (including noro virus)
  • Very quick efficiency: 1 min. DGHM/ VAH including TbB in 30 Sek

Meliseptol quick exists in 250ml spray, 1 liter bottle.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information prior to use. 

Product information
Model number: 43253
Product identifier: 7612449043253
Weight: 985 g