Pigment 9D Cat Eye - CE2

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Renewed Cat Eye pigments (9D) are much brighter, more multidimensional than their predecessors, and have a chameleon effect (multicolor).

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Cat Eye Pigment, in its purest form, gives the technician complete freedom to accomplish his or her original vision of Nail art.


  • Cat Eye pigment allows the technician to self-dose to create the result with the right strength.
  • Cat Eye pigments can be mixed together to create interesting new shades.
  • They can also be used to create a mirror effect.

How to use:

  • Mix the right amount of pigment for your design with the top gel.
  • Apply pigmented top gel with a brush on the paint. (cover 6 with a well-suited brush)
  • Then use the magnet to create the nail design you want, keeping the magnet at the desired angle for a few seconds.
  • Cure under a UV/LED Lamp (exact cure time depends on lamp strength and selected top gel) for approx. 30-120s. Certainly more rather than less, because the amount of pigment in the gel slows down the curing process.
Product information
Model number: 3304
Weight: 11 g