Nail Liquid #2 - Primer Acid-free with Vitamin - ARTISA

Demo Manufacturer | GTIN: 40860190

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Liquid, vitamin E-enriched, air-drying acid-free and adhesion-promoting agent. Suitable for all gel and acrylic techniques. Product quantity 15 ml

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Acid-free priming fluid that dries in air. It supports the adhesion of the base gel. Suitable for both gel and acrylic techniques. In addition, Artisa primer liquid is enriched with vitamin E for additional care of the natural nail.


  • Squick drying time
  • suitable for gel and acrylic nails
  • may cause an allergic reaction
  • air drying 30 sec
  • acid free
  • contains vitamin E


  • Apply the primer very sparingly to the natural nail and let it work for a while.
  • The primer must not get on the cuticles.
  • In connection with nail extensions, the primer must not be applied to the tip (the tip may come off or become porous and break).

Please note: the bottom fluid crystallizes in the cold season (already at around plus 9 degrees). Let the product stand at room temperature for about 2 hours until it is liquid again. Otherwise, the brush may be damaged!

Product information
Model number: 86019
Product identifier: 40860190
Weight: 54 g