Nail Forms - S - turquoise - 100pcs


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The nail forms or stencils are necessary accessories for nail extensions. Size: S

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  • The Mereneid nail forms have an original shape and design and have been developed in collaboration with top specialists in the field.
  • The Mereneid foil-coated nail forms are designed for everyday use in the work of the salon as well as for the sophisticated competition nails requiring ultimate precision.
  • The special shape and high-quality glue of the stencils securely fastens the form around the fingers so that the form does not move.
  • Assisting lines allow the technician to match the forms to the fingers of each dimension and build any shape according to the customer’s wishes.
  • The Mereneid foil coated nail forms are sufficiently rigid and do not fall through the material when applied.
  • A thin layer of foil helps to keep the desired c curve.

NB! Before applying the form, avoid putting cream or grease on your hands.

Product information
Model number: 33019
Product identifier: 40330198
Weight: 76 g