Nail File Half Moon - ARTISA - 100/180grit

Demo Manufacturer | GTIN: 50300150

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Double-sided, high-quality Japanese Fuji sandpaper coating 100/180 grit. ARTISA files are four times more durable than regular files.

1,75 €
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1. Before you start filing your nails, make sure your nails are clean and dry.

2. Hold the nail file comfortably in your hand, either in the palm of your hand or by squeezing it between your fingers.

3. Decide what shape you want to give your nails. Common options include round, square, almond-shaped or beveled tips.

4. Start filing carefully from one edge of the nail towards the other.

5. Continue filing until you reach the desired shape. Remember to be patient and avoid removing too much so you don't file the nails too short or thin.

6. Once you've got the shape you want, check your nails for evenness. Finish by lightly filing the edges of the nail to make them smooth.

7. Can be washed and disinfected.

Product information
Model number: 30015
Product identifier: 50300150
Weight: 13 g