Glitter Powder - Microfine Opaque Magenta - 3g

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Popular with nail technicians and make-up artists alike, these dust powders have applications on the face, hands and hair.

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The range of uses for glitter dust is very wide. 

How to use:

  • On nails, glitter dust is applied using a nail art brush lightly dipped in top coat.
  • The brush should be damp enough for the dust powder to stick but not wet.
  • Designs are limited only by your imagination — but for a beginner, it is easiest to start with stripes.
  • More experienced technicians will outline designs and then fill them in with dust powder applied from a wider brush.
  • Dust powders may also be used in between layers of gel or acrylic, and can also be scattered onto wet nail polish with a pipette or with a fan-shaped brush.
  • It is crucial to remember that all types of Nail Art should be sealed.
  • Use several layers of top coat.
Product information
Model number: 2852
Weight: 13 g