Gel Polish - Subtle Silver - 10ml

MERENEID SARI | GTIN: 4743243025640

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Light-coloured gel polish that gives good coverage.

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Gently roll the gel polish between your palms of your hands before use. Hardens under a UV lamp in 2-3 minutes and under an LED lamp in 30-60 seconds. The wattage of the lamp determines how quickly the gel hardens. Leaves a sticky layer. Can be used on healthy and strong natural nails. Can also be used on nail extensions. Gel polish can be removed with Aceton1e Tip Remover. Read the instructions for use before you apply the product.

Storage of gels

Gels should be stored below 28 ° C. The gel becoming liquid is the first sign of gel overheating. The gel that has become liquid can be further saved by placing the gel in a cooler place. If the gel contains clumps, the gel is cured and can no longer be used.

The gel can (even when closed) should not be exposed to sunlight. The UV light on top and the effectively warming table lamp and direct sunlight can inadvertently raise the temperature too high, so gels need to be stored in a cool, protected place.

Make sure the edges of the jar are clean after using the gel. If the gel remains on the sides of the can and the can is closed, the gel will stick to the can and will not open again.

Please note that some of our products are for professional use ONLY! Without adequate training and / or experience, the results after using the products may not meet expectations. It is important that you always ask for additional information before you buy a product, unless you are already familiar with it.

Product information
Model number: 2564
Product identifier: 4743243025640
Weight: 48 g