Gel polish - Cat Eye 9D Pink - 10ml

MERENEID SARI | GTIN: 4743243041367

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Cat Eye gel polish pigment contains metal particles that allow you to create different patterns using a magnet.

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  • High in pigment
  • No base color required.
  • Does not drip from the brush or spread during application
  • Does not contain solvents or toxic substances
  • UV/LED


  • Carefully clean dirt and grease from the nail plate (Nail Prepare Solution)
  • Apply the base gel (Ridge-Filler Base Gel) to the nail plate.
  • Apply first coat of Cat Eye gel polish and cure under UV/LED lamp.
  • Apply second coat, if desired use magnet to make the pattern.
  • Cure under a UV/LED lamp for 30-60 s
  • Apply the top gel as the last coat.
Product information
Model number: 4136
Product identifier: 4743243041367
Weight: 50 g