Effect Pigment - Purple - 2g

MERENEID SARI | GTIN: 4743243030972

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Effect pigment is like a mixture of pearly pigment and fine glitter. 

Other options

Choose the way you apply the pigment according to the characteristic you want to highlight. If you prefer the glitter effect, sprinkle some pigment on the layer of coloured gel or gel polish (or on coloured polish that has not cured fully yet). 

Then cover with top gel or top coat.
If you want to achieve a gentle pearly shimmer, you must rub the pigment onto the hardening top gel (don’t let it cure fully) or into the sticky layer of the drying gel after wiping off any excess if necessary. The pigment must be covered with top gel to fix the effect.

Product information
Model number: 3097
Product identifier: 4743243030972
Weight: 12 g