Сhrome Pigment - Silver - 1g

MERENEID SARI | GTIN: 4743243031023

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The silver mirror effect becomes visible when the pigment is applied on the cured top gel (top gel without the sticky layer).

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How to use:

  • Let the Mereneid Multi-Use topcoat cure less than usual under UV light for ca 2 minutes and under LED light for ca 40 seconds.
  • Then rub the pigment immediately into the top gel.
  • The quantity that is necessary to achieve the effect is very small.
  • Apply top gel to maintain the mirror effect of the pigment (you can apply two layers).
  • The pigment can be applied to the nail with a brush, cosmetic applicator or a gloved finger.


Product information
Model number: 3102
Product identifier: 4743243031023
Weight: 11 g