Callus Softener 18% Urea - Kerasan - 200 ml

Kerasan | GTIN: 4041986999786

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Kerasan Pump-Spray is ideal for callus softening as an effective preparation for following podiatric and footcare treatments.


Treatment time will be significantly reduced and therefore affected skin areas are protected. High-concentrated Urea quickly moisturizes and softens hard and chapped skin. With Marigold and Comfrey extracts for additional care.

Application: Spray uniformly onto affected skin areas from a distance of approx. 10 cm. Allow penetration for a few minutes before removal. Repeat application procedure on very thick calluses. Only for external use on unbroken skin.

Attention: Keep out of reach of children. Store cool and dry.

Product information
Model number: 2880
Product identifier: 4041986999786