Builder gel - Ultimate Podogel - 15ml

MERENEID SARI | GTIN: 4743243048007

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Builder gel specially developed for nail prosthetics. Suitable for both fingernails and toenails.

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The thixotropic composition of the gel achieves stability immediately after application to the nail and does not fall into the nail beds. Podogel contains clotrimazole, which has an antifungal effect and does not cause a heat sensation on the traumatized nail.


  • Contains clotrimazole with antifungal activity.
  • Does not fall into the nailbed.
  • Does not cause heat sensations.
  • It needs a base gel – Ultimate Acid-Free Gel Bonder, which can be applied directly to the skin.
  • Cures at UV-120s/LED-90s/CCFL-60s.

Ultimate PODOGEL is manufactured in accordance with European Union directives and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Microbiological and toxicological tests have been performed by independent institutions of the European Union.

How to use:

  • Ultimate Podogel needs a base gel. The Ultimate Acid-Free Gel Bonder, which can be applied directly to the skin, is suitable for this purpose.
  • To build the nail, we recommend using Podogel in several thin layers (max. layer thickness 2.5 mm) so that UV radiation can evenly pass through all layers.
Product information
Model number: 4800
Product identifier: 4743243048007
Weight: 73 g