Builder Gel - ARTISA - X-Cover Two - 15g

Demo Manufacturer | GTIN: 40855486

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A new generation of ARTISA camouflage texture gel. Methacrylic acid-free, thick viscous, firm and richly pigmented structural gel. Product quantity 15 g.

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  • Thick viscous, covering, dark rose-nude texture gel.
  • Methacrylic acid free.
  • Requires a base gel.
  • Stable after curing.
  • Easy to work with, self-levelling.
  • Suitable for techniques with tips and nail shapes.
  • Suitable for both covering unevenness and lengthening nails.
  • No yellowing.
  • Vegan composition.
  • HEMA and DI-HEMA free.
  • Production European Cosmetic Regulation No. 1223/2009
  • Manufactured according to the GMP standard.


Prepare the natural nail by removing all impurities. A base gel should be used as a base.

Shape the gel on the nail the way you want (with an ARTISA file), because you can create, for example, nail extensions or strengthen your own nails.


UV: 120 s / compressible after 30 s

LED: 90 s / squeezable after 30 s

Combination: 90 s / compressible after 30 s

For professional use only!

Product information
Model number: 85548
Product identifier: 40855486
Weight: 90 g