ART Gel - Dark Purple - 5ml

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This thicker product, with its high pigmentation, makes art gels a universal nail art superproduct that can also be used as color gels. 

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Mereneid art gels are completely curing colored gels. 


  • High pigment content
  • Clear and bright tones
  • Thicker product also suitable for textured design
  • Mix for new and interesting color combinations
  • Completely curing (leave no sticky layer)
  • UV/LED (LED lighting 90s, UV lighting 120s)

Note! If art gel is used as colored gel, it should be diluted with top gel before applying, as it is easier to apply diluted gel. Once the color is applied to the nail, the nail should be covered again with a covering gel.

Product information
Model number: 4110
Weight: 20 g